LIU Post Orientation 2013

2 more Orientation Sessions

With only about 2 weeks left before classes start we have 2 more orientation sessions left. Tuesday August 27 and Tuesday September 3

If you have not registered yet, please go to and reserve your spot.

Transfer and Graduate students, we hope you are just as excited as the leaders are for the upcoming sessions. They have worked so hard to making sure that your experience here is fun and exciting.

See you soon!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was just wondering when they will send the emails out for the transfer students regarding what time we have to be there and stuff like that.


They actually just sent out the information about this Fridays Transfer session 8/16 this past Friday so keep an eye out on your email address for new information. We usually dont send out information about the sessions until about a week before the sessions. So if you are in a later transfer session keep your eyes peeled the week before.

Any other questions feel free to call us at 516-299-3520

-Orientation Team

The last batch

Tomorrow is our last Freshman Orientation session and we will have welcomed the class of 2017 to the Post Family.

Have no fear my transfer/graduate students, you are next in line and the leaders are just as excited to welcome you all with open arms.

Freshman Session1

Just a few of the Orientation Leaders at the first Freshman Orientation Session working as a team

Orientation Coordinators 2013

Introducing the Coordinators for the summer of 2013

Working to make your Orientation days memorable and as fun as it can be.

Guess What?

InĀ  less than 24 hours we will have our first freshman Orientation session and the leaders are super excited to finally see all the hard work that they have put together this past week and see it come to life.

We are all super excited to meet each and every single one of you.

Session 1…we shall see you soon.

- Your Orientation 2013 Team

Keep Calm….

Just 2 DAYS until the first Freshman Orientation day!

Anonymous asked: Hi, your Orientation Hotline # listed in the 'About Me' rings to the gym. They are unable to help assist us with any questions regarding orientation. The girl answering the phone has received multiple calls with people requesting orientation info. Who can we call to get answers?

We apologize, 2 of the numbers were flipped around and that error has been changed. The number is 516-299-3520

Again, we apologize.

-Orientation Team

Anonymous asked: How come transfer student do not have it's own facebook page? So they can meet other students that transferred to LIU also meet their roommate and get to know each other .

I will look into the facebook page because I believe there is a general “new and incoming student” page. I will try my best to find that out for you. Thank you for your question.

-Orientation Team

The Orientation 2013 Leaders are HERE!!!!!!!

The Orientation Superhero Leaders have finally arrived and are super excited to get to work to making your Orientation Session a success.

See you soon!